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AK15 Gel Bullet Rifle
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*This is a custom locally made to order item, please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for delivery! 

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AK15 Styling 
Easy To Use Gel Balls
Can Attach Other Airsoft Related Accessories
Up to 190 FPS

What are Gel Bullets?

Gel bullets are a great alternative for getting into airsoft & are mostly known for being a much less painful shooting sport!

This particular gel blaster is modeled after the AK15 and its 1:1 true to spec and size. Though the gun is plastic and light. The gun features an adjustable stock, removable magazine, and accessory rails that can work with other standard airsoft related accessories.

This model shoots "water gel balls" that are water based and shatter into small gel pieces upon impact. This makes getting shot at much less painful and since the balls are water based, they are extremely small in their dehydrated state. By simply adding water, the balls increase to a 6-7mm size but are extremely light.

Each gun is battery operated and this particular gun comes with a battery that can easily be charged!


  • AK15 Toy Gun
  • Optimal Zoom Lense
  • Muzzle 
  • Flash light attachment 
  • Laser attatchment
  • x1 bags of gel bullets
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