Shotgun Slug Triggers a Live 9mm Round Upon Impact

Jeff from TAOFLEDERMAUS received a set of shotgun shells from Germany designed to be hold anything from a 9mm to a 7.62x39mm.

These slugs are heavy as hell, more than 58 grams with a live 9mm inside.

They’re supposed to trigger the 9mm round’s primer upon impact, which is great in theory, but unlikely in reality.

So much could go wrong with these shells. A chain reaction inside the chamber could cause an early discharge, or the shell could tumble through the air sending the 9mm round in almost any direction. He has Danny fire it empty a few times to see how the projectile will fly.

Jeff doesn’t think they’re safe enough to actually be fired, but he’s found a way to fire them outside of a weapon to see what will happen.

Take a look at the result in the video below.