Remington 1740 double barrel pump is pure happiness come to life

The Remington 1740 is a custom double barrel pump action shotgun built by fusing a right handed 870 to a left handed 870L.

It’s basically the prototype double barrel pump that preceded the DP-12 by more than a decade.

Since the early to mid 2000’s people began sharing pictures and videos of the Remington 1740 on gun forums. “I got this idea a long time ago while playing Doom, or Duke Nukem, or one of those horribly cheesy gut-blaster shooting games,” wrote a man calling himself Deer Hunter back in 2007. “I thought to myself, ‘Could it be possible to have a double barrel pump action gun?'”

Some industrious gun owners like Deer Hunter built their own 1740s using extra long receiver pins, custom barrel clamps, and custom stock furniture. Check out the video below to see one of the more well constructed 1740s we’ve ever seen.

See that smile on the shooter’s face? That’s because the 1740 is pure happiness.