OTF Knives - What Are They Good For?

What Are OTF Knives Good For?

As a military devotee and an essayist. All things considered, my motivation while writing is composing reasonable stories, acceptable characters, and trustworthy strategies. How about we see a few realities first.

Why were OTF blades made in the first place? OTF blades were conceived in the start of the 1900's to be sheltered and one-hand-openable collapsing blades.

Which were the principal OTFs ever utilized 'no doubt'? World war two German paratroopers were given OTF 'gravity' blades (utilizing gravity rather than springs). The utilization of those blades was carefully confined to unmistakable parachute-bouncing circumstances where little blade sending by utilizing one-hand just was critical.

OTF Knife design was one hand deployment before somebody developed thumb studs, thumb gaps (like spyderco military), flippers, helped blades and numerous other FAR unrivaled (sturdier and more reliable) one-hand-opening 'arrangements'.

The latest occasions I've read about some OTF blades utilization in war, was during the Vietnam battle by 'burrow rodents'.

US troopers chosen for their height with the mission of 'cleaning' little Vietcong underground passages. In the restricted space they had, they used to convey a handgun, a spotlight and SOME OF THEM used to convey an OTF blade due to it's little estimate and effortlessness of arrangement. 

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