New Alfa Romeo C18 Concept

Alfisti Crew supports designers all around the world, and we have brought you some incredible artwork throughout the years. Today is no different. The vision we are bringing you is a masterpiece of a incredibly talented Antonio Paglia, who’s architect and designer.

Before we dive deeper into his creation, we have to mention that Antonio has years of experience behind him, working for some of the most famous brands in the world like Ferrari, Ducati, Kawasaki, etc.

Alfa Romeo C18 concept is inspired by elegance, and emotion just as many other previous Alfa creations which came to life.

However, C18 is more modern, sleek, and futuristic, which would be a great fit as the next Alfa’s supercar. Just as with pretty much everything else, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we know this design will not sit well with everybody