Hollow “apple slicer” slugs explode inside the target creating a massive wound cavity

Jeff from TAOFLEDERMAUS was sent a rare treat from a viewer in France. Sold as the “Wonder Bullet,” these hollow fluted shotgun slugs proved to be absolutely devastating.

Two shots tumbled wildly through the air, but the vast majority remained stable and on point from muzzle to target.

The Balle Wonder or “Wonder Bullet” shells were commercially manufactured in France, but only the slugs themselves were mailed to TAOFLEDERMAUS. The tumbling shots could be due to a re-loading error, without firing the commercially loaded shells TAOFLEDERMAUS won’t know for certain.

The shots that fired correctly were “dead-on accurate” and truly brutal. Intended for boar hunting, the hard antimony-lead slugs create a massive cavity after exploding inside a soft target.