New Rifle Shotgun Hybrid Bullet Raises Ethical Questions! [VIDEO]

arHunt is a gun company located in Bloomsburg, PA. They specialize in making rifled slug guns. They also make a very interesting 20 ga. slug load called Schrifle. Basically it is a non-sabot projectile loaded into a 20 gauge plastic hull with the bullet sticking out of the hull (just like rifle cartridges are loaded). Obviously, these rounds are intended to be shot from rifled 20 gauge barrels. The projectile itself is a hollow point lead-free slug called Raptor. The manufacturer has been experimenting with different weights, but right now only the 239 grain projectiles are available with a muzzle velocity of 2150 fps. The pack of ten rounds has a price tag of $45. We now have shotguns that shoot like rifles, crossbows that shoot like shotguns, and compounds that shoot like crossbows. At what point do we tell people that technology is to much, and you need to improve your hunting skills to take your animal? The main reason I switched to a re-curve bow this year is to challenge myself and improve as a hunter. Should these new bullets be legal in shotgun only states? Or do you agree with me that we should rely on ability and not technology to have a true fair chase harvest? Facebook Twitter EmailPinterest PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST RECENT POST f_article.image.alt HOW TO SIGHT IN YOUR HIGH-CALIBER RIFLE WITH ONLY ONE ROUND May 05, 2021 f_article.image.alt FIRING AMMO THAT’S ALMOST 100-YEARS-OLD, TWENTY ROUNDS OF .45 ACP MADE IN 1918 Apr 12, 2021 f_article.image.alt BACKWARD FACING BULLETS CAUSE CHAOS ON IMPACT Apr 12, 2021 f_article.image.alt SUPPRESSED FNP .45 ACP TACTICAL, ALL YOU HEAR IS THE SLIDE HITTING STEEL Apr 10, 2021 f_article.image.alt RARE FULL AUTO 1911 MAY BE THE LAST OF ITS KIND [VIDEO] Apr 10, 2021 Monthly Giveaway - Sign up for a chance to win! Blade City FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramYouTube CONNECT WITH US Stay up to date with the latest releases, sales and promotions! Enter your email Subscribe USEFUL LINKS Contact Become an Affiliate Shipping Info Wholesale Knives Return Policy Legal Info FAQS Terms & Conditions Accessibility Privacy Policy Reviews Sitemap Why Us Referral Program Loyalty Program CONTACT Phone Hours (EST) 11:00am - 5:00pm, M-F Phone: 1-786-580-3802 Email: 2020 Development by Blade City.