Aerodynamic Mercedes-Benz Limousine Concept

Many people believe that supercars are already the most aerodynamically efficient vehicles available, but one designer plans to go much farther. Who's this guy? Designer Roman Egorov is employed by Citron as a vehicle designer.
He earlier interned at BMW as well, but as part of his master's thesis, he developed this design for this Mercedes-Benz. His aim was to create a three-box limousine with an aerodynamic shape.

Mercedes-BenzA few tactics from racing prototypes and street supercars helped him get there, but he was missing the downforce and cooling demands. The concept seen above directs air from the grille through a notch in the hood, across the roof into an open aerodynamic dip to escape neatly rearwards.

Mercedes-BenzUnderbody aerodynamics are also important in maintaining the airflow clean and continuous, leading to a slim design that might influence future luxury cars from Mercedes.