12 Gauge Pistol, A Reminder Why Shotguns Are Fired From The Shoulder

When you hear the term “shotgun pistol” what weapon comes to mind? For most gun-owners it’s either the Taurus Judge or the Smith & Wesson Governor.

This 12 gauge pistol makes both of those hand cannons look like cap guns.

(image source; YouTube/The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.)

When last we heard, there were only 3 of these custom beauties in the whole world.

This 12 gauge pistol is completely custom, and the only versions we’ve seen were found in Canada. It started off as a Rossi break-action, single-shot shotgun that was cut down and then reclassified as a pistol.

Rossi model S121281S (image source; Rossi)

Why Do They Call It A Wristbreaker?

We’ll let this video do the talking for us,