Stop Searching For The Next Best OTF Knives- Save Time & Money By Subscribing To Our Monthly OTF Knife Club

If you’re an avid collector of lightning OTF knives

If you’re an avid collector of lightning OTF knives, there’s no such thing as too many. 

You’ll wade through countless websites looking for the latest blade styles and coolest designs. 

You’re now an expert in converting currencies like the Russian Ruble and the Syrian Pound. You know more than you want to about the Cape Verde Escudo. It would be good if every site gave the US dollar price, but that’s not the way things work. 

If there’s an email address, website, or social media page about lightning OTF knives and other knifey stuff, you’ve probably seen it, and you know the topic from A-Z. 

Who knows how many hours you’ve spent looking for the perfect China New Taiw or Q Rand lightning OTF only for it to end in heartbreak?

There are plenty of excellent lightning OTF knives out there, but there are so many unsatisfying products. Some companies only pay lip-service to consumer rights. 

It makes you wish that a new high-quality OTF automatic knife would magically appear on your doorstep (in a custom case)—like lightning. It would make life so much easier, wouldn’t it? 


Midtech Knives presents its monthly knife club. 

For a low monthly subscription, you’ll receive a top-shelf knife from a carefully curated selection each month. We choose each knife carefully, weighing up its quality, user experience, and ultimate cool factor. 

Our dedicated team tests each of the out the front automatic knives extensively. We understand the A-Z of putting every model through its paces before we approve it for you.  

These aren’t cheap knockoff items–each lightning blade comes with a lifetime guarantee. The knife comes in its own waterproof, top-end case, like receiving a personal little Christmas gift, all wrapped up and ready once a month. 

Try the club, or let Santa know how good you've been this year. The lightning subscription is the perfect gift for the serious knife enthusiast.

More Reasons to Join the Club

  • Our bulk buying power secures the best deals on custom blades: You won’t get these prices in stores. We offer up to 99% off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.     
  • Each blade comes with a lifetime guarantee: In the unlikely event that your new OTF automatic fails in the field, return it for a refund. 
  • No contracts: You can cancel at any time you like. We're big on consumer rights here. 
  • Each delivery comes in a case: A crush-proof, waterproof case, costs at least $20 retail (if you can find the right size). Unlike most companies, we include a case with every monthly delivery.
  • You’ll get access to new custom models: We have access to the latest designs. Manufacturers may opt for a soft launch to test the market at the best and newest price, so we get those models before anyone else, and we pass the latest OTF automatic on to you.
  • Free shipping: We don’t like paying for shipping, so you shouldn’t have to, either. 
  • Exclusive subscriber in-store discounts: Our subscribers get the first crack at specials on items in-store. Stop searching through your spam folder, looking for that great OTF automatic special you missed. Whitelist our emails, and you'll get the best price. 

Let’s Take One Last Stab at This

If you'd prefer to spend your time using your lightning OTF knives rather than dredging through endless webpages, sign up for our monthly club. If you don’t like it, cancel. 

What do you have to lose?